Single Phase Smart Electricity Meter (PCR421)
Single Phase Smart Electricity Meter (PCR421)
The PCR421 is a powerful single-phase smart electricity meter combining advanced metering technology, two-way AMI communications, and internal relay unit. The meter is fully compliant with IEC, ISO, STS, SABS, and DLMS. The meter supports energy, power, voltage, current, frequency, power factor, and other load profile measurements. It is a fully tamper-proof meter, and includes an internal relay of 120 Amps for remote disconnection via PowerCom’s AMI solution. The meter can operate in prepayment and postpaid modes, remotely switchable between the two. Multiple tariffs are remotely configured including step incline tariff and Time of Use (TOU). Bi-directional energy measurement supports connection to alternative energy production such as solar panel or wind turbines.

Features Benefits
Remotely configurable as credit or prepayment
Flexibility to use same equipment as pre-payment or credit, and switch between the two.

PLC, RF. LAN or GRPS Uplink

Hot swappable communications module
Open protocols
Interface with 3rd party meter/sensor manufacturers

Net metering – two-way measurement of active Energy, producing billing with +A and –A individually

Suited to installations with consumer generated energy production
Measures RMS voltage, RMS current, power factor
Demand response: In power shortage conditions, limits consumption – remotely configurable.
Enables Step Tariff or TOU with 4 tariffs and 8 customer billing cycles.
Multi current thresholds: Imax, Icritical and Idebt.
Protects the utility circuit breakers, and also can limit when the customer has outstanding debt


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